I Put On My Best But I’m Still Afraid

We all fail. We all beat ourselves up; not physically, but in the mind. The mind - our own personal punching bag. God calls the mind His enemy...isnt it all of ours? We were created in His image. He knows. Scripture also records for us Gods thoughts are higher than our thoughts. We ignore this. My mind is my enemy but also my best friend. We all fail. Even Saints. Thankful for His Holy Spirit, the gift He gives at true conversion. The gift He gives to those who call. Those who call, and turn His way.


The ‘other Jesus

Almost no one knows what the gospel of Jesus Christ was. They tend to worship the messenger, but miss the message. One can be sincere, but sincerely, wrong. Jesus lives! His gospel, is exciting and gives so much Hope to those who choose to believe it as truth. Christ will return - and sooner than you all think! Read on...