The ‘other Jesus

What was the gospel?
The gospel of
Jesus Christ,
above all?

Was it love?
The World lies;
it hides the truth.

The gospel message,
carried by the Messenger;
Jesus Christ,
God in the flesh;
isn’t love
peace, or,

The gospel was
His coming Government.
His gospel was:
His Kingdom.

The first,
begotten spiritual son
of God.
Who was God,
Who was the word,
Who was the truth,
Who was the way,
Who bought life.
Who sacrificed death;
Who brings salvation.
Christ, our Lord,
Jesus overcame the flesh;
and overcame The World;
The God
of this world.
He overcame-
He beat Satan.
Made in His image,
He showed us the way out.

The way out of this World.
Jesus; God,
He knows and understands
our struggles.
He struggled,
even God struggled.
He came to this world,
His purpose;
to overcome this world;
God was here.
Jesus in the flesh;
showed us the way,
and taught us how.

Jesus was the word; and the word was God, and the word was with God,

From the beginning…

The world lies.
Satan has his churches,
his ministers,
his system
his government
in this world.
He is the god of this world.
(2 Corinthians 4:4)

He divorced.
He divorced Israel, at His death.
‘It is done’
Jesus said.
Fulfilling scripture at
His death.
He rose to the Father.
Resurrected from the grave-
Fulfilling scripture. Again.
He will marry again;
Spiritual Israel-
His Church; His bridegroom;
His body;
The Saints.
He lives!

He left His Holy Spirit,
in His Church-
His bridegroom.
His body; flesh & bones;
within His living sacrifices.
The Saints.
The Saints are the continuance
and the growing of His
Holy Spirit.

The spirit;
given to the Saints;
those few
called & chosen,
at their conversion.
At their baptism.

Matthew 16:18
made plainly clear.
He said He would build
His church.
He said the gates of hell wouldn’t prevail against it.
He cannot tell a lie.
This is truth.
What can destroy God’s spirit?
Man cannot.
Satan cannot.
Both are His creation.
His spirit,
lives forever.
What the creator makes,
He can destroy.
Man is powerful;
but man is without
Man is without knowledge.
His truth.
His knowledge.
“Thy will be done”
What the creator makes,
He can destroy.

Jesus lives and will come again;
to save mankind,
to bring what man cannot bring;
world peace.
He will bring His Government;
He will bring His Kingdom.
He lives.

Never will I leave you.
Never will I forsake you.

There is one true church.
A church whose history can be traced.
Traced back to Moses even!
The church lives,
never been destroyed;
nor can be.
The time is near.
Do you believe?
Believe His gospel?
The gospel of Jesus Christ!?

Will you turn?
Will you run?
Will you work towards having a ruling position within His government?
You can.
Seek Him.
Seek Jesus.

path of a Saint


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