Matthew 16:18

Christ said He would
build His Church.
Not men.
Christ said.
He would.
Not man.

Yet man builds;
And continues,
to lie.
Man builds,
his church when
Christ said
He would.
Yet man builds.
Man lies.

They think “church”
is a building.
Church means
“Called out”.
He calls the flock;
the flock listen.
The flock only hear
His voice.
He calls them out.
Christ called me out.
Out of this World.
Where I have never belonged
since my birth.
Predestined for the task;
the task set before me.
I have loved the truth;
the truth has loved me.
The world lies.
The world hates me.
The world.
The system.

Christ loved us.
Christ is God.
God is Christ.
Physical & Spirit
Our God,
Our God lives.
There is no trinity.
They are fooled,
fooled by the most foolish.
He devours
He lies
He deceives.
He will come in the flesh;
to trample.
To kill.
Just as Christ will come;
He will come again.

Church burnings worldwide,
so many problems.
The worlds ‘churches’
worship in vain.
If they loved,
loved the truth-
They would know;
They do not.
They think Gods word
means nothing;
has no value.
didnt build those churches.
Man did.
The world lies.
Nothing will prevail against
Christ’s church.
Not even hell.
Christ said.
Why do men ignore this?
They read blindly
through the scriptures.
Exalting themselves above all men.
They give themselves titles.
God didn’t.
He is angry.
Angry the world lies.
Human nature.

The world lies.

I’m called out;
called out of this world,
and into the truth.
The one truth
the world lies about.
I loved the truth;
The truth loves me.

Christ said He would build
His Church.
Not man.
Yet man builds.
Men build:
On all the wrong foundations.
Their buildings
and are wasteful.
They are breeding
more lies.
The system lies.
The world.

Boasting on their efforts,
Upholding themselves in power,
they are lost.
They love lies.
They love;
They do not hear Him.
They do not know Him.
Not yet.

All will.

Only His chosen hear.
Only His chosen know.
Only they can know.
His voice;
His truth;
His way.
His Government.
His power!
Christ our Lord.
Our God.
God of light.
Pray for they.
They the Saints.
They know truth.
They know what’s hidden.
Revealed through
Christ Himself.
In His church.

His church is here;
as its always been.
Not fashioned with crosses,
Or a dying saviour.
Our saviour lives!
Christ lives.
A church fashioned with truth.
The church lives.

He will marry again.
Will you find it?
O lover of the world!
O lover of truth!
Christ built His church.
He said he would.
Christ builds His church;
not man.
He said.
Christ said.

path of a Saint



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