Ignorance Isn’t Bliss – Its Ignorance 


Prove all things;
and hold fast that
which is good.
Says He,
He, The Lord.

They say worship on Sunday;
So they worship.
They say,
its Sunday.
Saturday is His day.
They say
Worship on Sunday.
Even the Calendar,
the calendar has
Sunday, as the first day;
not the 7th day.
No one proves.
No one holds fast
that which is good.

Of the arrogant;
the proud;
the lost sheep.

In my anger
I defend.
I defend the truth.
For His sake.
His Government returns
& I want a place – in
His place.

Not of this world
I fight. I fight
the world; &
its lies.
With the sword of
the spirit, I fight.
The sword = The truth.
The truth = His word.
I fight.
I fight the world,
for the sake of all
In a world of lies.
I love the truth.
I sought the truth;
& found the truth.
For the truth.

at its best;
ignorantly ignores
It isnt bliss;
Its ignorant.

Pray for me
in this world of lies.
Pray for me;
ignorance is their bliss.

path of a Saint



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