The Way Out – The Saints Path

The most highest calling
-to be called a Saint.
I have been called;
called, by God.
Known as His.
I will be bought at a price –
the price of wearing-
a crown.
Called out of this World;
thats what church means;
‘a calling out’.
I step into truth;
I step into light;
I step into the way,
the only way,
to salvation.
I am acquiring knowledge;
knowledge taken away,
from this generation, and,
generations sleeping.
I know the only truth of life.
There is only ever,
one truth.
I sought the truth
with all my longing,
faith, and,
That’s where I found
that’s when I gained,
That’s how I found,
That’s what love is,
love is truth.
Truth is love.
is God.
The fear
was the beginning of wisdom.
My wisdom.
They hear,
but lack understanding.
They see,
but lack faith.
I see, I know;
I’m called…

But I’m yet to do.

I am weak!
I hate my flesh;
my mind,
it knows the truth…
The desires pull & entice
this evil vessle.
The overcoming…
…doesn’t overcome.

it crumbles;
it gives way.

Evil. Human nature; lustful

desires to be tempted;

to be had,
and fulfilled…

…with a purpose
to destroy.

Self destructing within thine mind;
when the mind only
obeyed its instructions.

By me!

They say Saints were Catholics;
they say Saints where everything.

That they weren’t.

They have not been given
spiritual discernment,
from the Creator; the Maker;
our God of light!
They assume the ideas of
mere man, must be true!
So they call it,

Man does think so highly
of himself.
Yet man cannot
& have not, nor ever will,
bring peace.
and everlasting,

Human nature destroys all truth!

The road to a Saint…
it’s harder than you think;
the world isn’t safe!

The world is routinely,
The world is perverted.
The world. Evil.
Times up.

I will fight my flesh;
I will fight,
for the truth.
To die;
is to live.

To lose the world, is to gain!
overcome it.
Rulership awaits me!!!
May I
be called a
Pray for me.
Pray for my faith.
Pray for my fellow Saints,
who are under constant attack.
The world lies to you;
I tell you the truth.
Find the way out
before the way out;
is no longer,
the way out.
Times almost up.


Times running out.

Pray for me.
Pray for my faith.
I will,
overcome the world.
Then I, may serve

The light has never,

-path of a Saint


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