The Mother Of All Lies; My Mother Lies – Part 2

My Mother lies,
I tell the truth.
My Father tells the truth,
My Mother lies.

My Mother tells me,
Satan lives in my heart.
Mother lies.
Afraid of the truth,
My mother lies,
hurtful, lies.

She belittles me,
my mother does.
She loves to live in
the past. She has no
She is blinded.
She speaks foolish words and
speaks confusing things.
My mother lies.

Her word;
never good.
She would find it hard,
just keeping her word.
She placed no value
in her promise.
No value
in her word.
Empty meanings,
spoken with an empty heart.
She needs to secure the truth.
She failed to keep her word.
That hurt.
It still does. It always will;

She proclaims love;
yet no lover of love,
is ever without truth.
Truth is love; &
she rejects the truth.
Love cannot be;
My mother lies.
I accepted hers.
Her lies. My mothers lies.
I had no choice but to,
to protect her;
as she always protected me.
She was wrong.

She knows it.
I know it.
God knows it.
My Mother lies.

I used to lie.
No one likes a liar.
I used to lie.
I lost a lot;
over petty lies.
I hated lying.
It crushed my soul.
I still lied.
I am not judging
My mother;
My mother who lies.
I am hurt because
of her lies.
I used to lie.
Lying did my soul
no good. No good at all.
Lies destroyed me.
They still destroy me.
My mother still labels me
as ‘that liar’;
My mother lies.
We don’t live in the past.

I forgive her.
She can’t forgive herself.
She won’t forgive me.
She lies.
She doesn’t know me.
She lives in the past,
My mother lies.

Blades, the sharpest blades
pierce my heart.
Your lies,
your tongue;
the double edged sword.
My Father found me.
He found me, wounded.
By your sword.
Double edged.
You wounded me.
The light shines in;
in where the blades have wounded.
The light heals.
My Father,
He tells the truth.
The truth healed.
The lies –

You make it hard to love you.

I’m thankful for you.
You did protect me.
You did love me.
I was a liar.

I never sold your wedding ring.
I could never, ever hurt you,
never, ever, in that way
hurt you.
I wouldn’t.
I’m a liar.
Even when I speak the truth;
and PROVE to you,
the truth.
You don’t listen.
You don’t prove your own truth.
How do you justify testifying to mine?
The truth is set before you,
All you have to…
open your eyes.

I tell the truth.
My Father tells the truth.

path of a Saint


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