I Put On My Best But I’m Still Afraid

Am I afraid?
Afraid to fall;
of falling?
I am afraid.
Afraid of failure.
Failure is a fear;
the fear of failure.
Im not afraid of the fall;
Im afraid of the journey.
It grips me.

I have nothing,
nothing to lose, but,
everything to gain.
I do.
Fear. It grips me.
Fear of failure.
I acknowledge fear.
Fear acknowledges me.
I am afraid.
Not of falling;
of failure.

I speak in anger
against lies. Wrong.
I am to be
slow to anger.
Woe to me.
I am evil.
I am my human nature.
I fail.
I am a failure.
I will win.
I am not…
a failure.
We all fail.
We are human.
But not all will rise.
I am to be slow to anger.
I will not fail.
Love never fails.
I can’t fail when
love never fails.
I love righteously.
I win, in righteousness.
Righteousness wins,
over the wicked.
I will be slow to anger
in truths defense.
I will pray for
their lawlessness.
I will pray for
more love.
I will not fear.
I am not a failure.
I am love;
love is me.
Love never fails.
I will not fail.

path of a Saint



#poetry #baptism


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